"We initially brought Arrive on-board to manage homeowner warranty for 389 units in a high-rise, high-end condo tower in downtown Seattle. But due to numerous shortcomings on the contractor’s part, we had to pivot our unit closing process, and in doing so, needed Arrive to help with homeowner manuals and warranty documentation, construction punch, home orientation walks, building tours, unit touch-up, unit cleanings, and post-closing construction repair management. The initial effort included orienting over 200 units in less than one month, so they grew from a team of five to over twenty-five in a matter of weeks.  Arrive successfully pulled off every effort we asked of them. Amy, Jeff, and the Arrive team were committed, adaptable, reliable, and, most importantly, focused on protecting the interests of us, their client. I highly recommend their services and look forward to working with them again in the future."

Chad Winters, Development Manager

Burrard Group

Arrive’s holistic condominium services are designed to help you deliver an outstanding product, a clear definition of warranty coverages, a high-touch experience to your homeowners, and warranty management facilitation between homeowners and subcontractors. 

Arrive's team offers decades of experience in new condominium construction delivery,

homeowner care, and warranty management services. Our primary value to you:

Reduce risk of litigation from homeowners and Associations.
Significantly minimize post-close cost during warranty periods.
Build your brand as a trusted condominium developer.
Provide exceptional customer care to your buyers & homeowners.

The Arrive Home. Starts. Here.  

program is comprised of the following services:

Create All Warranty Related Documentation 

High-Quality Construction Punch Walks​

Vacant Home Inspections​

New Buyer Home Orientation Tours​ (New Home Orientation & Welcome Home)

In-Home Warranty Management and Administration​

Arrive's Immediate Minor Home Repair Services

24/7 In-Home Emergency Services​

HOA Board Meetings - Ownership Representation​

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