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Arrive will offer (“Client”) the following homeowner care and in-home warranty management services for [PROJECT]:

Onboarding & Building Startup Services

Early engagement is a very important element to a successful warranty management and homeowner care program.  Homeowner satisfaction drives every element of the services we provide in protecting you, our Client, from potential litigation and financial risk as well as bolstering your name as a “best in class” condominium developer.  We help ensure future homeowner satisfaction by assisting with creating the proper process and procedure for warranty administration, buyer and homeowner communication, and customer care and brand recognition for our Clients.  We also help navigate and create proper warranty documentation and messaging for homeowners.  We assist our clients in  establishing  a consistent “home livability and responsibility” message early with sales & marketing teams, construction trades, lenders and building management teams.


Specifically, these services include:


  • Assist in Creating Documentation that Pertains to Warranty Disclosure

Arrive works closely with you to ensure the details of the warranty program – what is and is not covered – are well documented and easily understood by all team members and residents.  We also work closely to review all trade agreements and contracts that will be involved in warranty management to ensure the GC and subcontractors are held to a high standard of ongoing quality control.  Based on our extensive experience in in-home warranty management, setting these high expectations helps to ensure the most successful day-to-day warranty management services to homeowners.


  • Team Onboarding and Full Process & Procedure Creation

Arrive will onboard a team dedicated to [PROJECT] with continual Principal involvement and oversight. The team will spend an extensive amount of time learning intricate details of the building, the homes, materials/fixtures/appliances (how they are meant to perform), and product manufacturers. We will create a significant amount of necessary documentation, process and procedure to administer a successful homeowner care and warranty program. All home and homeowner information and documentation will be saved and tracked in a third-party software system managed by Arrive.  


This intense understanding of your building allows us to craft and execute a program for homeowners that is based on a deeper education of their homes and their building.   The more information we can give homeowners (regarding workmanship, product, manufacturer expectations) the deeper their trust in us to take care of them. This is the essence of building a strong brand and reputation for [PROJECT].

  • Customized Home Orientation & Sales Team Collaboration

We will create a customized home orientation program that provides a high level of buyer care and project enthusiasm for the [COMPANY]  brand in the market. We take the time with Buyers to set proper expectations of what is and is not covered under the [PROJECT] home warranty.


Our homeowner care services should be a major selling point to your buyers. Early involvement allows your sales and marketing team to lean on us for proper messaging of the [PROJECT] lifestyle and what residents should expect from their new home.  

  • Collaborate with GC and Trades to Create Strong Relationships

Arrive will work closely with the GC and subcontractors to not only create strong relationships but hold them accountable to their work during the warranty period. Setting proper communication and execution protocol early will help to ensure a smooth and efficient warranty administration process and continue to drive a best-in-class experience for homeowners.


It is critical to a successful warranty management program to have continued engagement with the trades that performed the work. This will ensure time and cost savings during the warranty management period.

  • Software Integration, Documentation & Reporting

Arrive’s homeowner care and in-home warranty management program is tracked and documented in excruciating detail through a third-party software program and building portal. For [PROJECT] we recommend the Punchlist Manager Platform, which has a very user-friendly front-end portal for homeowners and an extremely robust back-end administration backbone for all documentation and reporting of construction, warranty and homeowner issues in the homes.


Our team will set up and customize the software portal to be specific to [PROJECT] units and homeowners, including uploading all project information and documentation, and brand information.

Punch Walk Management and Unit Acceptance Recommendation

The acceptance of high-quality homes sets the stage for happy homeowners and applies the standard of excellence everyone has worked towards. Arrive takes punch walks very seriously and will work closely with the GC and trades to inform them of homeowner concerns and potential post-close expense items.  This information general leads to homes being delivered at a higher level of finish quality prior to buyers being invited in for their home orientations.

Arrive begins by conducting a very thorough punch walk of every home and will identify areas that do not meet the expectation of quality, based on client and homeowner expectations.  Arrive will then create a punch list of items to be addressed and will review with the client and GC and communicating with the sales and marketing team on that completion timeframe.  Once identified issues have been resolved Arrive will provide a back-punch of each home for client review, inspecting the repairs and ensuring the completion of identified items. Back punch of units may happen frequently to ensure only the highest quality of workmanship is delivered. Once all punch items have been addressed, Arrive will recommend to Client that homes are ready for final owner acceptance. Thorough documentation of the entire punch process will be uploaded and tracked in the software portal system.


By managing the punch process and home acceptance to these high standards, we are ensuring the delivery of exceptionally finished homes. The benefits can be seen in almost everything that takes place thereafter. Reduction of maintenance requests from homeowners, reduction of post-acceptance expenses, higher levels of homeowner satisfaction, elevated word of mouth for additional sales, and continuing to build that “best in class” brand for the developer. 

Vacant Home Inspections

Arrive will provide weekly unit inspections of all vacant homes from ownership acceptance to final home escrow close.  These inspections are designed to identify maintenance needs, ensure functionality of home systems, and provide proper upkeep of units from daily foot traffic during the sales process.  Arrive will also oversee and manage contracted cleaners should extended vacancy lead to full unit cleanings prior to home orientations.


Arrive will track and document all vacant home inspections including maintenance and cleaning events that occur prior to home orientations in the software portal.  


Arrive’s vacant home inspections help to maintain the integrity of the home during the sales process.  By providing a consistent “eyes-on” approach we are able to reduce client risk by early identification of potential construction failures and also help the sales process by keeping the homes well maintained prior to closing.   


Arrive’s “Cart Team” is also able to provide immediate minor repair services should they be needed in the homes during vacant inspections.  This allows for speed of resolution prior to orientations, home closings and move-ins.   It is also a powerful tool to minimize Client cost escalation after ownership acceptance

Buyer Home Orientation & Welcome Home Tours

Working closely with the Client, sales and marketing team, and building management team, Arrive will identify buyers who are ready for their orientations.   Arrive will conduct an introductory email/call and schedule the first personalized home orientation tour with the buyer. Homeowner orientations will focus on a high level of care - welcoming residents into their home, building excitement, conducting a thorough tour to point out how things work, fit/finish standards and care needs, and operation of all home systems/features. 

The walk through may generate a list of missed workmanship items as Arrive and the buyer walk through their new home.  Arrive has the ability to solve minor cosmetic issues quickly with our cart team services, should the Client desire.  Should larger workmanship items be found, Arrive will communicate with Client and coordinate with the GC and trades to complete these items.  We will then inform the buyer as to the timeframe in which workmanship issues will be complete.

Once final punch items are complete the homeowner will be invited back for a second tour – the Welcome Home.  We will welcome Buyers back to their home where we point out workmanship items that have been resolved and answer any additional questions they may have.  We also walk them through the warranty program – letting them know what is and is not covered under their warranty.   We educate them on the software portal system and how to open a service ticket item and we also introduce them to a member of the [PROJECT] Homeowner Care Team. At the completion of each Welcome Home the resident will sign any final orientation and warranty documents necessary. Ideally at this time we would also hand them their keys and welcome them home.   Should scheduling not be that favorable, we will escort them back to the sales team to finalize that process.


This two-phased approach to the orientation is designed to minimize the volume of information presented to the buyer in one orientation, resulting in greater understanding and retention of the information.  This understanding further results in educated buyers who tend to request fewer warranty related services, minimizing cost, and maximizing homeowner satisfaction.

Immediate Minor Repair Services (“Cart Team”)

Arrive is able to provide a dedicated “cart team” to [PROJECT] to address any minor repairs that may arise during vacant unit inspection, the orientation process, and throughout the warranty period.   Benefits of having this service in the building are seen in the speed and efficiency in which we can address minor cosmetic issues, rather than having to rely on third party trades and their schedules.  

These items include:

  • Adjust/lubricate door and window hinges, latches and locks

  • Replace light bulbs and smoke detector batteries

  • Recaulk kitchen, bathroom and millwork due to shrinkage

  • Repair minor shrinkage cracks and screw pops in drywall

  • Adjust cabinet doors and drawers

  • Light paint and drywall touch-up

  • Troubleshoot functionality issues of the following:

    • Appliances

    • Garbage disposal

    • GFCI outlets

    • Thermostats

12 Month In-Home Limited Warranty Administration

Arrive will manage and administer the 12-month in-home limited warranty which begins at each unit’s closing or occupancy.  As part of our standard of excellence, we provide on-demand homeowner care for any questions, concerns or issues that arise. All homeowner requests for service will be categorized into warranty or non-warranty items.  For non-warranty items caused by the homeowner, Arrive will use this as an education moment and work to either resolve the issue for them with our minor repair services or point them in the direction of a trade that will.  For warranty items, Arrive will establish an action plan with the homeowner and GC/trade to complete repairs and oversee the trade to ensure timeliness and completion of all work.  All concerns (warranty or non-warranty) will be tracked in the software system for proper documentation management and to identify possible trends that could potentially be a systemic building issue.

Arrive will also continue to act as the primary point of contact throughout the statutory warranty period should a potential defect be brought to attention by a homeowner.  

Homeowners Association (HOA) Board Meetings

Homeowner satisfaction does not begin and end in the home. Arrive will attend all HOA board meetings on behalf of Client up to one year after the building is 100% occupied.


Working closely with the HOA management company and board helps to reduce risk to the Client by establishing a relationship of trust and respect.  Attendance of the HOA meetings will allow Client to better control the message the homeowners receive. This will also help to dispel myths brought up by any uninformed or activist homeowners who could create dissention among the other board members and homeowners and expose Client to needless litigation and a negative public image.   

Arrive Home, LLC Preferred Building Partner

Arrive’s sister Company (Arrive Home) provides preventative maintenance, management, and repair services directly to homeowners.  For items not covered under warranty that become the responsibility of the homeowner, Arrive Home is a trusted partner homeowner’s can rely on.   

We recommend PLUS take advantage of these services for homeowners by offering the following:

  • Provide Arrive Home as a preferred vendor in the building

  • Provide Arrive Home as the preferred property manager for homeowners renting their home

  • Proactively sell Arrive Home services as part of the home sales experience

Provide Arrive Home services as a sales concession, when possible

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